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How To Email Mobi Book Files To Your Kindle Library

1. Go to your Amazon account on either your phone or computer.
2. Scroll down to Digital Content.
3. Under Digital Management – click on Manage Your Content and Devices (see image below):


4. On that page – click on the Your Devices tab (see image below):


5. Then, on that page – click on your device (Android phone, iPhone, or Kindle reader) to find the email address for it (which will end in 
6. Once you have your device's email address, you can send mobi files to your Kindle library. Just drag and drop the mobi file into an email (you don't even need to put anything in the subject field) and it will show up in your Kindle library, usually within a few minutes.

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Grimmly Speaking: Rumpelstiltskin

Rumpelstiltskin has a bad reputation mainly for having a bad attitude. He strikes several deals and makes a wager. His reaction at the story's conclusion can only be summed up as, well, poor sportsmanship?

The Grimmly Speaking® series was created in 1998 by Kranky Kids® for use in after-school programs. It is based on the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm. Some people take a free and loose hand when writing drama scripts of these tales. Kranky Kids does not. Yes, a poke of humor now and then – but these scripts stick to the sequence of events found in the original Grimm versions. (All Kranky Kids digital scripts are designed specifically for use on mobile devices making them easier to follow and act out with friends.)

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