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How To Read Kindle Books in Web Browsers – NO Kindle App Needed

Use the Kindle Cloud Reader to read purchased or borrowed Kindle books using Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. What's great about this is that if you own the original iPad (which has iOS 5.1.1 and no longer supports the Kindle iOS app) – you can still read any Kindle book. You just have to be in a web browser while reading.

1. Open one of the above web browsers and then go to: Amazon Cloud Reader (
2. Sign in to your Amazon account or sign up for one and follow the instructions.

If you start reading a book on a computer, when you move your mouse towards the top, the Kindle Cloud menu bar will appear (see partial of the menu bar below):

Kindle Cloud menu bar partial

Here are Amazon's instructions for offline reading of your books:

Whenever you buy a Kindle book, select your Kindle Cloud Reader in the Deliver to drop-down menu. You can always send a purchased book to any device under your account. Just go to:
Your Account - Manage Your Content and Devices
– or –
Use the Sync option on your mobile device (make certain you are in Cloud mode when you do this).

Remember: You can read your Kindle books while in any of the above browsers on any PC or Mac that you are using at the time – just you log into your account.

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